FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for utilizing the Payment Gateway

Payseq charges Zero Setup Fee , Zero Integration Fee, Zero Maintenance Fee. We only charge a nominal amount when end-user makes payments.To get a detailed quotation, kindly call us at +91 8125256000 or mail us at care@Payseq.in

How do I register my business

If you are new to Payseq, click on the link to register with Payseq. If you already have an account with us, click here to login and start using our features

My account is not yet active

Please submit the following details once you are registered in our site. Once the details are filled, we will go through them and approve the account

Business Details

Enter some basic details like the Business Registered Address and the type of the organization. Also, enter the TAN and PAN card details of the business. If you have a registered website, please give the same as well

Contact Details

Enter the details of primary and secondary contacts for your business. This helps in keeping you upto-date about your account with Payseq

Bank Account Details

Fill down this section with the information regarding your Current Account to which settlements would be made for all the payments made through Payseq.

Documents Upload

Upload the required documents for your organization. We recommend uploading a good quality logo for your organization since it will be used in various communications with the customer. We only take documents which are necessary for approval and good quality scans will work perfectly well here.

Submit Form

Once the required information is filled in, click on Submit button to complete the form. We will verify these details and get back to you on mail or phone within a day or two in case any correction is required.

Settlement Process

What is the settlement process at Payseq

Once the payment is made by a customer, it is settled to the merchants account according to the schedule that will be shared with the merchant at the time of registration

How long will the settlement take to appear in my bank account

Everyday all the payments available for settlement for a given Merchant account are sent to the bank. The funds are transferred into the merchant's bank account same day or in some exceptional cases by next day.

Refund Process

What is the process to initiate refund

Against every successful payment, you have a button to initiate Refund. Click on that and give the reasons for providing refunds. All refunds are initiated from Payseq with the next day settlements. The refund amount will be adjusted against your settlement amount

Are there any additional charges for a Refund ?

No, there are no additional charges for a Refund. But, the bank charges will be deducted from merchant

Can I process international transactions?

Cards issued outside India can be used to collect payments. Extra documentation are required to process your application for international payment services through partner banks and get you approved. Call us to enable your business

Can I collect credit card information on my site and charge the card?

Yes you can, provided you are PCI compliant .Drop us a mail on care@Payseq.in in this regard and we'll get in touch with you.

Who to contact for support

If you have any questions (such as about the status of a payment or any issue related to website integration), you can email our regular support team at care@Payseq.in

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